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Corporate Governance

Corporate governance relates to the activities of the Board of Directors (the Board), the members of which are elected by and are accountable to the Shareholders. The Board of Killam Properties Inc. is responsible for the stewardship of Killam and for overseeing the conduct of the business of Killam and the activities of management, who are responsible for the day-to-day conduct of the business

The Board believes that effective corporate governance is critical to the continued and long-term success of Killam by helping to maximize Shareholder value over time. The Board strongly believes that its commitment to sound corporate governance practices is in the best interests of its Shareholders and contributes to effective and efficient decision-making.

  Audit Comittee   Corporate Governance, Nomination and Succession       Compensation
Timothy R. Banks           chair
Philip D. Fraser      
Robert G. Kay* member    
James C. Lawley member chair  
Arthur G. Lloyd   member  
Karine L. MacIndoe      
Robert Richardson      
Manfred J. Walt   member      member
G. Wayne Watson chair        member

*Chairman of the Board

Prince Edward Island